Teaching Kits: Overview


This is a tracking thread for creating, updating, modifying, adapting and proposing new teaching kits for policy and advocacy in India.

Creating - If you’re creating a new teaching kit, please create a topic for it linked to this topic.
Updating - Updates can be announced in the linked thread
Modifying - Feel free to remix existing teaching kits, but make sure the resulting new content is discovered (by commenting on the thread for the kit)
Adapting - If you’re adapting a teaching kit from some other community, make sure you change the context. Like articles are translated to other languages for reaching to more people, activities, analogies, etc have to be “localized” for fitting the Indian culture.
Proposing - If you think there’s a topic worth creating a teaching kit on, please comment here.

Proposed kits:

  • Net Neutrality
  • Zero Rating
  • Open Source
  • Open Standards
  • Privacy & security features of Firefox
  • Firefox OS