Teach the Web Talk with Change.org


Our friends over at Teach the Web will be talking to Change.org about mobilizing and advocacy tomorrow, May 21st at 12pm PT/ 3pm ET/ 8pm BST on Google Hangouts. RSVP here to join.

More info (copied from the Teach the Web post) below.

This month Teach the Web Talks will be chatting to Change.org about mobilising and advocacy.
How can people build momentum and a movement for their ideas online, whether it’s a club, an educational product, or an organization?

Recently Mozilla played a large part in the fight to protect Net Neutrality in the US, and won!, and now we see India fighting the same battle to protect the open free web.
How can we rally support for a common cause, how do we represent those for whom their voices have been muted and how can we articulating our mission?

I would love to hear from people around this topic and these questions so please leave a message, say hi or link some good blog posts you would recommend about Advocacy.


In India Change.org is hosting petitions from both sides of the campaign . It have a sponsored petition from Internet.org and there is a Public Petition for Net Neutrality

Both seems to be the most popular petitions at this moment

I don’t know how they can celebrate victories by hosting petitions from both sides of the campaign .
Also read this as well. This is about a policy change in change.org in 2012 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/22/changeorg-corporate-gop-campaigns-internal-documents_n_1987985.html

In last few years Indian market seen emergence of clicktivism platforms such as Change.org , avaaz etc , But as a campaigner i felt they considered campaigns as user acquisition tool for platform than enabling campaigns for building its support base . And the campaigns received just names of endorsers and number of signatures. In my opinion the emergence of these clicktivism platforms in fact centralized user engagements in Indian eCampaigning scene .

Apart from Advocacy potential I see the code built at savetheinternet.in, the net neutrality campaign as a major webmaker efforts step in decentralizing and federating campaign mailing through user inboxes instead of centralized campaign servers . At the same time it is helping the campaign with more data . I think It is worth studying