Request for Policy Support Form


Please use the Request for Policy Support Form to communicate Internet policy issues in your country/region with the Policy + Advocacy Team. Please be advised that this should be filled out by Mozilla representatives or staff; find your nearest representative here.



What happens to the bugzilla product about Internet Public Policy Issue now? Is it deprecated? This form looks exactly similar to the bugzilla entry, so I guess it replaces the same. In that case the Net policy wiki should be updated.

Also, I am unsure why we’re relying on a Google form here when an excellent open and transparent solution like bugzilla already existed. Could anyone please link me to the discussions that led to this switch?


Hi Akshay,

The NetPolicy bugzilla form you referenced is still open for use, although it has historically seen less traffic. We decided to give the Google form a try for a couple reasons. The Google from helps us to be able to look at all the requests in real time in one centralized location. It allows us to tag and look at trends over time. So the Google form is an experiment to see how it works in comparison to the Bugzilla process.

Best regards,
Stacy Martin


Just out of curiosity, how many people know about this? Or that it should be filled out by a Mozilla rep? Or know a Mozilla rep? Can we do better please?


Isn’t this because “request for policy support” is a new idea? I believe reps are going to be (or were) trained about how to use this Google form. If they are trained about bugzilla it’d be just the same, wouldn’t it be?

Is “real time” important? Are we expecting 100 requests per hour? Otheriwse, bugzilla can do the same thing. It is one search and we have all the bugs at a centralized location.

I believe the whiteboard and keywords section along with other sections of Bugzilla lets us tag bugs in several ways simultaneously. It also helps search these according to different criteria, sort them, etc.

I can think of some advantages of using Google form. It is easier to edit a Google form, its responses; it is easier to file a response with Google form. But don’t you think these are trivial gains while compared to the loss of transparency (and other superior technical features like a page for a bug, discussion forum for a bug, ability to link people to the status of that bug, etc)?

This is slightly unfair to the bugzilla dinosaur.


Hi Akshay,

Thanks for your thoughts regarding the form.
At the moment, we are limiting the possible responders to just Mozilla Reps and Staff; however, there may come a day when we want to open this process up to people who aren’t affiliated in this way, and do not have access (or know-how) to use Bugzilla.

Again, we are testing out this workflow; it may be that we change tactics.