Open API Policy of Govt of India


The department of electronics and information technology (DeitY), Govt of India is looking to frame a policy for adopting and developing APIs in government organizations to promote software interoperability for all e-governance applications & systems

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DeitY also said that all information and data of a government organisation shall be made available by open APIs, as per the National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy and adhere to National Cyber Security Policy.

Policy points

  • Each published API of a Government organization shall be provided free of charge whenever possible to other government organizations and public.
  • Each published API shall be properly documented with sample code and sufficient information for developers to make use of the API.
  • The life-cycle of the open API shall be made available by the API publishing Government organisation. The API shall be backward compatible with at least two earlier versions.
  • Government organizations may use an authentication mechanism to enable service interoperability and single sign-on.
  • All Open API systems built and data provided shall adhere to GoI security policies and guidelines.

Ovearall it is a welcome development . Please read the policy and discuss Pros and Cons here

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