One and Done tasks for Mozilla India Policy & Advocacy


Nations have many, long, complicated, controversial policies that are sometimes incompletely implemented, retracted, modified, or superceded. It might seem like this is a large threshold to get involved in activities of this task force.

But there are a large number of simple tasks that can be done by many Mozillians. This thread is to collect such tasks so that anyone who’s inspired to participate can quickly start and get some real useful work done within minutes.

Social Media

  • Social Media ideas: If you have ideas for creating a social media shareable, but doesn’t quite have the images/words to make it share-worthy, put those ideas on this pad so that others can make spin-offs
  • Social Media shareables: You can put links to the shareables you create on this pad and/or share/re-tweet the links that are already there.

Teaching kits & activities

  • ***Educate***: This pad lists down a lot of teaching kits or activites that need to be made. You can help by creating one (or many)


If you finish a task, don’t forget to let us know by commenting here. We’re working on a recognition system.

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