Mozilla Foundation: Email Strategist, Advocacy


Mozilla is one of the most trusted brands on the web with a 15-year history of building communities and products that people rely on and use every day.

For the past three years Mozilla’s role in global Internet policy has grown as the threats to the open web have also expanded. We are on the front lines on issues like surveillance, digital inclusion, and data privacy. We’ve already had an impact. Mozilla played an important role in and in last year’s historic net neutrality victory in the U.S… Every day we think about big questions: How can we tell compelling stories about complex concepts like encryption that help make the issue really real for people? How do we turn some rather technical threats to the web into fun, engaging, and compelling content? How do we create give and take online experiences that make people fall in love with Mozilla?

If you are excited by these kinds of storytelling challenges, then read on. We want millions of people to join our movement and support Mozilla. We’re scaling up in a big way. Join us and help us build a truly extraordinary digital program.

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Not to be harsh but “Email Strategist”? Seriously? Most canned email I receive never even gets viewed. I’d think and hope that the Mozilla Foundation would instead be trying to answer the question of how and why do we get people to click on us every single day.

For that matter, with so many mobile users in the world, why isn’t there a Mozilla Advocacy mobile app? While we’re at it, why should people download it? What does it give them?