Introducing my self - Project Opportunity in Brazil


Hello everyone, congrats to Mozilla on such an amazing project. My name is Ronaldo Lemos and I am a board member of the Mozilla Foundation. I am also a director at the Institute for Technology & Society of Rio de Janeiro ( More about me here

We are right now developing an important project on how to use code to enhance democracy and civil. participation. We have done that before with the “Marco Civil” law, that was passed in 2014 and created great rules on net neutrality, privacy and free speech on the Brazilian internet. The law was built through a collaborative open process online.

We now want to take this possibility of using technology to advance civic participation one step further. We are building the project called “Plataforma Brasil” ( And would be great to hear from coders interested in contributing to this effort.




This sounds like a great project, Ronaldo!


Hi Ronaldo,

I really liked this project, congratulation. I’m a Brazilian Computer Science student from Unesp/Bauru, and I’d love to help you with it. Please, if possible, I’d love to hear more details about this project and know how I can help.

Aron Bordin.