India Community Call - November, 2015



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The hangouts was full with 9 members (and 1 duplicate member :smiley: ). Should consider switching to a video conference tool that allows more people next time.

Meeting notes:

  • Mozfest updates from participants

  • Diwanshi

    • Mozilla’s concentrating on privacy events - both online and offline
    • Talked with Stacey
    • Mitchelle Baker, Dave Huesby - gave ideas about online events
    • Last year mark surman answered privacy related questions on twitter with #privacychat (something like this for online privacy campaign)
    • Francois marier talked about privacy features in ff 42, tracking protection
    • Dave is working on firefox adding some of Tor’s features into firefox. Include Tor in privacy & security related events (remove misconceptions about Tor, build a community around “real” privacy)
    • Should think of privacy campaign for outreach - it’ll help in growth, and others (outside mozilla) can also join
    • There was a game made on privacy by a developer
  • Anivar

    • One key component in Mozilla’s 5 year focus is on advocacy
    • Challenges - difficulty to seamlessly move across websites (there are corporate silos). There should be a next wave of openness. This is the focus of advocacy
    • Second day, plenary had multiple talks about advocacyrelated issues Web of Things etc - surveillance, encryption issues in Europe etc
    • One campaign idea that was appreciated was - a local language advocacy pilot for increasing awareness onInternet rights.
    • Net neutrality & zero rating (India + Zimbabwe + Brazil) session about various issues from these countries (just like Indian issues - ISP providing zero rated service like Airtel Zero and flipkart)
      • a common agenda was built on how to work here. A network is being built.
    • There will be more India focussed interventions coming up next year
  • Mayur

    • Privacy campaign in January
    • We are one of the largest community. So, we will have a lot of maker party focussed on privacy - surveillance, tracking, etc. Outcome - people become aware and use Firefox (for its privacy).
    • Create small small resources
      • like, how to use duckduckgo, how to use tracking protection, etc
      • We should encourage people to use these resources
    • Privacy tags like “Thank you I’m safe now, thanks to firefox”
    • With campaigns we’ll have more people being active (imagine hundreds of people tweeting about our campaigns)
  • Diwanshi

    • Don’t have boring one hour talks on various things
    • Create teaching kits that’d work for byte-sized topics that can be interestingly used
    • Even age specific teaching kits should be required
  • Anivar

    • The teaching kits from other cultures should undergo cultural adaption
    • We have been planning to make teaching kits from May, there’s no progress. Someone should take this up.
      • Diwanshi takes up the lead to get teaching kits done
  • Mayur

    • Recognition (Ankit’s thought): a webpage showing photos of our “Warriors of the Web”
      • Anivar - propose this as a plan
  • Github organization created at

    • how best to use this, what should the first things be?
      • We can update One-and-Done tasks which we are still drafting (on GH pages).
      • We can include the teaching kits we create
      • Slides, presentations
    • Homepage
      • Focus on campaigns, creating a network
    • There’s which shall be used for all planning
  • Questions

    • Diwanshi: whom to send people who’re interested in contributing to the security part of our code? Security researchers
      • Anivar: Sumanth would be the best guy (in touch with security, owasp guy)
    • Jafar: Can the plan repository be used for ideas?