India Community Call - June 13, 2015


We had our community call of this month at 22:00 IST on 13th June (Saturday).

Number of participants: 8


  • Progress of ongoing tasks
  • Teaching kits - 0 completed, 2 in work
  • Events - 2 in planning stage
  • Other tasks - yet to start
  • Blog post series on policies
  • Discuss GoI’s open source policy, open API policy, etc on this discourse
  • Find out pros and cons of the same
  • Write blog posts based on these discussions
  • Community chats
  • Invite experts (experienced Mozillians or outsiders who share Mozilla values)
  • They could give online sessions on privacy, cybersecurity, etc, probably before a community call or in standalone sessions.
  • Campaign ideas
  • events based on connecting API based app developers to Government to discuss what API features are needed
  • Airtel javascript injection - privacy implications and IT Act violation

Etherpad - for more details
Event/hangout link

Minutes of last community call

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