How should we blog?


In the one and done tasks there’s a section for blogging. Although we know what we should write about, we don’t know how or where to write about these.

These are the questions we have to answer.

  • Should we continue using Mozilla India blog’s policy & advocacy category for blogging or do we need a separate blog?
  • What kind of language is okay for us to use on our blog posts? For example, can we criticize companies openly? Can we support them openly? Should we focus on broad topics and discuss companies and their policies only as examples and only in specific context?

Answering these will help contributors who can write do so efficiently.


I think we can include a lot many articles without problems if we start or end the article with a disclaimer that “the views expressed in this article are that of the author and Mozilla India community does not necessarily agree with the same”.

That way we also put some focus on the contributor.

But, nevertheless, we should

  • Have an additional review (one review is for language by the documentation team) of the posts till MozINadvocacy is satisfied that the positions taken in the post align with Mozilla’s mission and policies.
  • Avoid directly supporting or opposing any private company.
  • Allow taking examples of specific policies that companies take. For example, it must be okay to tell something like ‘free basics by Facebook violates the principle of net neutrality’.
  • Balance negative comments with positive comments (I know I’m being a hypocrite here :P), or suggest acceptable alternatives when we call something unacceptable.
  • Substantiate all allegations or arguments with links to authoritative websites.
  • Generally sound positive and constructive rather than blasphemous while being accusative.

What other things should we consider?


After discussions with various community members, I’m thinking along these lines now (for a policy) (let’s keep these open for change, but still in effect for now)

  • when there’s an urgent matter (like how net neutrality came or encryption policy), policy and advocacy task force will collaborate and write blog posts based on Mozilla position or mission.
  • on topics that are not urgent, that mozilla does not have an official stance on, but still inside the scope of the task force, any peer can compose posts after at least one round of constructive discussion in the mailing list (can use discourse also, if there’s enough engagement). Other peers of the task force can engage in these discussions actively.
  • if there is a consensus formed on what position the community has to take, the post can go on the blog without any disclaimer, as an official post from the task force
  • if there are widely different opinions, even within the task force, we shall
    1. ask Mozilla for guidance, and/or
    2. invite both sides to compose blog posts and publish them both with “opinion” tag and disclaimer text that says these aren’t official views and invite people to pitch in with their opinions on a discourse thread
      related to that discussion

Additionally, to get contributor access to the blog follow these steps

One and Done tasks for Mozilla India Policy & Advocacy