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Hey everyone -

As promised I’m going to be asking more questions and providing updates around the India Convening here in discourse! I’ve put the project brief below so you can all have a look.

I also wanted to say that Jochai from the policy team and I are currently planning on coming to India early next year. The dates we’ve earmarked are from the 8th of February till 12th. Does that work for you? Will you be around? We’re currently planning on going to Bangalore and New Delhi.

Looking forward to all of your feedback!

PS - I know there were a few questions that came up in our briefing - I’ll be positing answers to those questions here in the new year.

Proposal for Mozilla Convening in India

What’s the top line idea?

A two day convergence to connect 60 - 100 people who care about the open web in India. The event is designed to harness ideas, leverage local expertise, and convert energy into action.

What does that look like?

We’re bringing together people to share ideas - but also act. To attend the summit people need to commit to working on issues around the open web for two hours a month for a minimum of six months.

The event will be led by a combination of Mozilla Staff members and local leaders. There will be sessions where we all look at the issues facing the open web in India and then split up to focus on developing concrete plans around specific issue areas ranging from access, inclusion, encryption, patents, and net neutrality.

When and where will the event be held? We don’t know the answer to those questions yet. We know that for this event to be successful it needs to be guided by local expertise that’s why we’re pulling together an advisory group to advise on the top line logistics as well as the curriculum of the event.

What are we hoping to achieve?

At the end of the event we’re aiming that:

Identify emerging local leaders in and outside of mozilla community and connect them with Indian civil society leaders.

Build stronger partnerships and relationships between existing Mozilla community leaders and local civil society leaders so that we can work effectively on future initiatives.

Create a diverse and strong infrastructure that allows anyone who wants to work on these issues a way to plug in and be part of innovating solutions to the unique challenges faced by the open web in India.

Why India?

There has been some incredible organizing in India around the open web. The work of in mobilizing over a million people shows the sophistication of organizing and the depth of excitement around these issues.

India is also home to some of Mozilla’s most active communities doing incredible work around things like privacy teachings, maker parties, and networking. That’s why we want to invest more in the community and bring together people from all around the country so that together we can set an agenda for the year ahead, outline clear goals, and then work together to accomplish them.

This is the first time we’ve done something like this, we know we don’t have all the answers. That’s why there are three key principles we’re applying to our organizing of this summit:


We want to put together systems that will allow us to get a lot of support and insight from within Mozilla but also from local organizers on the ground. We’re also aware that the time and resources of local groups and advocates in India is rare and precious. We want to ensure that this summit benefits not just us but everyone we rely on to help make it happen.

If you have any questions or comments please contact


Hi Sara,

Happy to see this message .sorry for a bit late replay.I was not checking discourse , since the war on netneutrality was eating all free time. May be we can arrange a reginal community workshop considering your availability , if you can extend the visit inclusing a weekend(now it is weekdays alone )

Thank you for sharing the plan .


I am in Delhi and super excited for this :slight_smile:


Hey everyone -

Jochai one of our awesome staff members on the policy team and myself have bought tickets and we’re going to be heading over very soon. Here are our dates:

We get to Delhi on the 15th and then come to Bangalore on the 19th and stay there till the 22nd.

We’d love to see you all while we’re in town – happy to participate in any events you have while were there as well.

Hope to connect soon,



Dear friends –

I hope you’re all well. As many of you know were hoping to organize a convening in India for advocacy this year.

We want to make sure that the event is in service of your needs and passions. Can you help in the design of the event by taking this survey?

Thanks for all that you do –


PS – The survey is anonymous.