Contribute to the Global Net Neutrality Coalition!


The Global Net Neutrality Coalition has spun up a website to teach people about net neutrality in different regions of the world via this map (still in beta).

They’d like to make the map as accurate and helpful as possible; if you have research to contribute, please email them at


From the GNNC website “Today, this open Internet is endangered by powerful service providers seeking to become gatekeepers who decide how users can access parts of the Internet.”

What about governments? Many countries already limit online freedom and pose the more significant threat. While I agree service provider policing is bad, it is less pernicious than that of the state.

The truth is many countries make the Internet a closed platform, even without service providers acting as gatekeepers. By not mentioning this underlying truth, this project facilitates the ignorance of the very users it seeks to educate. Moreover, once they discover this truth, they will be less inclined to trust the GNNC afterwards.

John Laprise, PhD