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Introduce yourself! Tell us about the campaigns/topics that appeal to you, and the type of work in which you like to engage.

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Hi, my name is Niels, a free and open source software enthousiast, and I am the head of digital at Article19, a freedom of expression organization with eight offices all around the world.

My work focuses on three areas:

  1. Mainstreaming human rights on the policy level, mostly by engagging in the IETF, ICANN and other international fora.

  2. Supporting the regional offices in Tunisia, Kenya, Senegal, Mexico, Brazil, Bangladesh and Myanmar with digital project ranging from measuring censorship to providing digital, physicial and psycho-social security advise to protesters and other human rights defenders (such as with

  3. Improving the digital environment of Article19, by training staff in the use of encryption, testing websites, setting up global back-up, but also by providing free and open source services for knowledge sharing.

It would be great to work with this community on technical and policy projects. Looking forward to discover the opportunities. I will post some in the other threads.

I always get enthusiastic about working on open source projects and the place where policy and technology interact. The easier and prettier we can make it for the user, the better. Maybe next year will be the year of Linux on the desktop :wink:




Hi! I’m Jeff Lyon. I’m CTO at Fight for the Future and deeply passionate about keeping the Internet free and open. I’m personally interested in Free Software, privacy, security, and building tools to help foster public participation in the civic process.

I look forward to seeing this community develop and look forward to meeting with other developers who are active in this space!



Hey! I’m Charlie – I work with @Jeff at Fight for the Future, and similarly care intensely about keeping the Internet free and open, largely given how crucial it is to human rights efforts worldwide. I personally think most about how to create community in digital spaces to encourage mass public participation.

I’m really interested to see how this community develops, and can’t wait to see what happens.



Heya, I’m Joe and I’m the CTO at the Center for Democracy & Technology. The work of my Internet Architecture project along with Staff Technologist Greg Norcie involves: 1) building privacy, security, free expression, and other human rights values into core internet and web infrastructure; 2) engaging technologists in policy issues so that they know how these issues affect their work and know how valuable their input is to the policy process; and, 3) engaging policy makers with accessible, precise descriptions of technical topics that are relevant to their policymaking.


Hi everyone -

My name is Dave Steer. I’m the Director of Advocacy at Mozilla. We’re thrilled to be opening up the Mozilla Advocacy Community.

Our team works to advance the Mozilla mission by creating measurable change in public policy to protect the Internet as a global, public resource that is open and accessible to all. We do this by creating learning and leadership programs (such as the Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellows program), community participation programs, and grassroots advocacy initiatives that enable people to have a voice and be part of the growing movement to protect the Web.

I’m looking forward to the conversation, collaboration, learning, and opportunities that will happen in the Advocacy Community. Welcome!



Hi all,

Thanks for joining the Mozilla Advocacy Community!

I’m Chris Riley, Head of Public Policy at Mozilla. I manage our policy strategy development, identifying targets and setting priorities within a broad landscape of issues ranging from telecom to IP to privacy and security. We have a very small team with a much larger footprint, and part of the way we manage that is through community engagement efforts like this.

Please do join in the conversation and share your thoughts and ideas with us!



Hi! My name is Mahdi Taghizadeh and I live in Tehran, Iran. I’m the Editor of Farsi where we’re trying to spread the word of Internet Governance related topics to the Persian speaking community all around the world. My main focus, in IG, is on Iran and the Internet filtering issues there.



I’m John Laprise and I have been a consultant, professor, and dishwasher. I’ve been involved in internet policy and startegy for decades and am an experienced technology forecaster (I wrote about cyberwarfare in 1993). I’m back in the US after a five year assignment in Qatar and am looking for opportunities to get involved and make a difference. I’m currently interested in founding the “Association of Internet Users” in the US which would (eventually) be analogous to the NRA or AARP but for the Internet. It would hopefully wield influence like those organizations but its policy positions would be directed by its membership

Best regards,



#Mozilla Advocacy Community
Hello everyone I’m Joe,
###Looking forward to building this community together.
I have been active in Open Source technologies for the past few years and interested in Communications, Front End Technologies & Web Platform performance optimizations. Waiting to do a meaningful contribution to this community.




My name is Aron, I’m a Computer Science student and I work as a researcher. I’ve no experiences with any advocacy project, but I really love the open source community, and I believe that there are some issues that need more attention.
Nowadays we have no freedom, no privacy in the web, and I’m here to learn more with you guys, and do my best to fight for a better internet. We’re getting closer from a IoT, a really connected world, and when we get there, we need to be ready, if not, big companies and governments will have a full access and control to our lives.

Aron Bordin.



I’m Melissa, and I work on the Advocacy team at Mozilla. I’m excited to see how this community can work together to provide resources, tools, and stimulating conversation in our efforts to protect the free and open Web.

I look forward to learning from all of you.




I’m Emily Gonyer and I’m a longtime user and advocate for free software and have been contributing to a couple of projects for a few years now, including GNOME, Mozilla, Wikimedia and Ubuntu. I’m interested in promoting free software whenever and wherever I can, with a recent focus on reaching out to kids. I have taught classes for the last 1.5 yrs to homeschoolers on free software, cryptography/security/encryption and recently on computer hardware. I’m planning to teach a class on Ruby in the fall and am hoping to help them become contributors to free software as well.


I’m Andrew Bridges. I am a lawyer at Fenwick & West in SF and Silicon Valley. I litigate for, and advise, companies on a variety of issues relating to intermediary liability, Internet regulation, copyright/trademark/advertising/competition/consumer protection issues, and enforcement. I have a strong interest in understanding, and trying to affect, the policy “long game” regarding control or freedom of technology and business model development, citizens’ rights, the role of tech/Internet companies as a focal point of public control or empowerment, and the rule of law. I am delighted to be part of Mozilla’s community. @andrewbridges


Hi! I’m Stacy. I work on the Policy team at Mozilla. My projects are focused on privacy education and community building. I’m looking forward to connecting, learning and sharing through this new channel!


This is Raj - from India -An Engineer involved with IETF -ICANN -experienced with outreach activity , To make this Advocacy and net w neutrality issue very significant, I intend to enegage in massive outreach activity , first step would be to educate university students about this,…


Hi, I’m Alan with I work on policy and communications, and my primary focus is working with educators and ed tech companies/developers, helping them navigate growing concerns about student data privacy.

Many states in the US are considering new student privacy legislation, and while some goals are sensible, legislation may lead to more headaches for educators and developers working to help schools and students access valuable ed tech. iKeepSafe is building privacy training for educators, families and others, so that students (and all users) are better prepared to protect and secure their information, and more confident about personalized learning and other tech innovations.


Hey everyone –

I’m Lonnen and I work at Mozilla. I’ve been involved with our policy work since we first participated in the SOPA black out protest. Policy and advocacy is more important than ever and I’m looking forward to working with you all to build a better web.



Hi! call me Dez (everyone does) I’m a CS engineering student, I am involved with Makesense Senegal, and am currently on a project of " Art HackLab" in Belgium, spreading the opensource word around.
I have no knowledge in “net advocacy” and am looking forward to get the most of his new horizon.


I’m Gloria from Colombia, I’m a Mozillian and a Mozilla Rep too. I work as software developer and is my main job but I have been envolved in internet policy since 2012 at redPaTodos community and Karisma Fundation (sometimes as paid staff and sometimes as voluntreer).