Assistance with efforts to stop Bill C-51 - aka Canada's version of the Patriot Act


Hello, I am part of a national organizing committee that is fighting to stop Bill C-51 from becoming law here in Canada - which it is on the verge of doing. Bill C-51 is a bill that directly attacks our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, dramatically violates privacy and freedom of speech, and censors the internet. It is dressed in the usual deceitful veil of anti-terror legislation, as many countries around the world have become accustomed to seeing.

On Saturday, May 30th we are having our third Canada-wide day of action to stop Bill C-51. It is a day of marches in cities across Canada, in conjunction with a convergence on Ottawa. I am seeking some help in spreading the word about the marches. Our last day of action, on April 18th, Mozilla provided a huge boost by tweeting about the event. Huge thanks to Dave Steer and Jochai Ben-Avie for their help with that. Is it possible to get the help of Mozilla with the marches on May 30th? All details are located on our website,

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this.