Advocacy research on twitter's role in advocacy


Dear good people on Mozilla Advocacy,

I’m new to this platform and seek your help with something.

As part of research to understand the impact of Twitter (as a form of social media), I’m interested to get your views on how I could extract historical data from twitter. I tried contacting GNIP but they never answer (maybe they just deal with businesses).

Did any of you deal with Twitter’s historical data before? Any ideas to help me get hold of their archives? There’s obviously a budget (not really that big though).

Waiting for your advice.

Walid Al-Saqaf
Stockholm University


Twitter has an internal research team. I’d advise either finding someone who already works with Twitter to crack open the door or barring that, cold tweet to Twitter employees engaged in research.


Thanks John for the advice.

I’m trying to reach twitter directly. Let’s see if they respond.