About the Advocacy Task Forces category


A place to learn more about and engage with your local Advocacy Task Force.

What are Advocacy Task Forces?

  • Self-organized, local groups that are focused on educating people about open Web issues and organizing action on regional political issues.
  • Members partner with their local Mozilla Representatives and use this discourse platform to engage with each other.

How does Mozilla support the Advocacy Task Forces?

  • Create template educational presentations on topics about which Mozilla may or may not have an official position.
  • Connect with region experts and amplify communications on policy issues.
  • Offer templates for organizing community listening sessions.
  • Help connect task forces to local Mozilla Clubs.
  • Provide training on core policy issues.

Learn more here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Netpolicy/advocacy


I would like to know , how to join a Task Force ? Is there in Africa ? if Not , How to create one ?


Hi there!
Thanks for your questions. We’re putting together a wikipage to better explain and support the growth of Task Forces: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Netpolicy/advocacy (resources are still being compiled).

Please let us if you start a Task Force.